"Yael is a jewel in her field, a haven of inner piece, tranquility, and healing amidst external chaos and disorder. She exudes excellence, sensitivity, and commitment in her work. She is an artist, not a mere technician. With each needle placement she brings with it not only the wisdom of an ancient practice and philosophy, but a personal calmness and intensity, much like the difference between a musician who merely plays the notes accurately and one who infuses the notes with the culture and tradition that is embedded in the music.

If only Yael were a microcosm of the world in which we live, what a better place this world would be."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ S.K.

"I want to thank you for the most amazing acupuncture session you gave and all the nurturing and love that came with it. When I left, I felt painless, relaxed, hopeful, recharged and full of energy and my face was glowing. I had appointment at Cancer Care for therapy and my friend who works there noticed that the expression on my face was not a person beaten up by the disease but someone vey upbeat and outgoing."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Irene F.

"When I leave after a treatment I feel I like there is hope for my chronic condition I am so happy for your healing hands"


~ Jacqueline R.

"I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for all your attention and healing energy. It was so nice to meet you and I feel lucky to have had you for my first acupuncture experience. It was absolutely wonderful. I am feeling more energetic already. --the world needs people like you!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Megan B.

"After the first session with Yael I knew that she would make a difference in my life. Yael's unique combination of warmth, breath and depth of her knowledge, and genuine care suggested to me that she was not simply a doctor. Yael is a healer. Surely enough, my expectations were confirmed. In less than three months, Yael solved the problem I was struggling with for the past two years. Thank you, Yael, for coming into my life."

~ Mariya B.

"Yael's treatments have been incredibly healing for me.  It started with her diagnosis, which was spot on , her dedication to see my program through as well as the amazing benefit of the treatments themselves. I feel a real change in the symptoms which is affecting my overall balance in life, my productivity as well as my well being.  Yael has an incredible gift, I highly recommend her services and and unique approach:  they are life changing in the most positive way."


 ~ Nicola W.

"Happenstance conveyed me to her when she was a student; it was divine guidance that I will cherish forever.  Yael is amazingly gifted! And my experience of her is a gift to my life.

I can go into a session feeling discombobulated …and emerge an hour later feeling re-unified, balanced, grounded, clear minded, and redirected. Her intuition, touch, her needle, always know exactly where to go; she has no need to search an area; it’s as if she can actually see through skin and flesh! She just knows! Amazing!


I find myself feeling more hopeful of the future; I’m more relaxed. Her treatments, and suggestions encouraged me to change my outlook! When I sip my “bone soup” I say a quiet “thank you” to Yael who has decreased my joint pain and guided me toward lifestyle changes that help me every day!


So, perhaps I will be able to climb Machu Picchu with my grandson next summer, after all!

I believe that acupuncture is the best remedy for ALL that ails us.  And Yael is the best practitioner I have experienced in all my 70 plus years."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Jeri J.

"My doctor recommended acupuncture when I fell on my ribs and separated the bone from the cartilage.  This was very painful and exacerbated by a chronic cough.

Yael treated me with such a gentle touch and not only eased my suffering but also managed to alleviate the cough which three different doctors were unable to do.

She has an uncanny ability to find every little ache and pain that I haven't even told her about.

I will continue to see her on a regular basis because she gives me both physical and spiritual comfort.  Yael is an extraordinary healer and I recommend her highly."


~ Tamara G.

"It’s interesting for me to think about Yael’s role during my labor because I knew all along that she was going to be pivotal.  Long before I went into labor I felt a deep serenity knowing Yael would be present.  And then the day finally came.  Other than my partner, Yael was the first person to arrive.  Labor in it of itself is one of the truest moments of surrender, but when Yael came I finally felt like I could let go.  She began taking over what I could cognitively no longer partake in; ie when to call the midwife, when I should eat/drink, even breathe.  And that is just on a physical plane.  For me knowing I had a strong woman such as Yael by my side the entire time- who believed in me, elevated my spirits and therefore of course my labor.  She literally did not leave my side: emotionally, physically and even in spirit."


~ Giulia S.